Tredders Reveals Why He Believes Tom Jonas Should Be Port’s Next Captain

Jan 23, 2019


Port Adelaide premiership captain Warren Tredea says Tom Jonas is the man to next lead his old club after Travis Boak stepped down from the role.

“I’m of the belief that Tom Jonas should be skipper,” Tredders told the FIVEaa sports show. “But I can tell you there’s some murmurings out of Alberton that would suggest that some heavy hitters and big decision makers think Ollie is their man.”

“I don’t want this top be disrespectful to Ollie because he’s unbelievably mature in a lot of way in football. But I know when I was under Matty Primus and a lot of times Matty was out injured and I was acting skipper, I thought I could just do the role. I learnt very quickly that it’s not a role you can just do and do easily.

“You need to be fully prepared and when you are prepared you’re never quite prepared, if that makes sense.

“There’s a lot of pressure on the coaching department at Port this year… I think Tom Jonas is the bloke to challenge the coaches when they need to be challenged. I’m not sure if Ollie’s prepared to do that. That’s just a gut feel I have, but either way they’d be brilliant leaders.”