Tredders Reckons A Port Adelaide Leader Is Getting Ready To Move On

Jul 31, 2019


Port Adelaide legend Warren Tredrea says the open letter written to fans this week by club CEO Keith Thomas could signal the beginning of the end of KT’s time at Alberton.

Tredders has told the FIVEaa sports show:

“I’ve heard a lot of stuff about what’s going on at Port. When I saw that email I thought, for me, yep, good leaders take the hit, took it off Ken, did the right thing supposedly if that’s what you believe. But I saw through it to say Keith’s closer to the end. It’s more or less his last bit.

“Have you seen him of late? The poor bloke looks like he’s been to China 48,000 times and he probably has. How long do CEOs stay? He’s done a marvellous job for Port… but when I read that email I thought it seems like it’s the last chance to get everyone together. It wouldn’t surprise me if he steps down at the end of the year…

“I read it and I go maybe he is trying to say this is his last thing before he steps away.”