Tredders And Rowey CLASH Over Port Adelaide Crowd Numbers

Jun 26, 2019


Warren Tredrea has called Stephen Rowe “pathetic” after Rowey pointed out Port’s crowd last weekend was “down 6,200 on their average over 2014”.

“It’s on the slippy-slippy at the moment,” Rowey said on the FIVEaa sports show.

“If you’re happy with 37,000 good luck to you. I think that’s low… real low. 37,000 -- if Port are happy with that and a million bucks down on last year for their corporate -- if your happy with that, god love you.

“Of the 37,000 -- love you, great support -- but that’s your support, that’s now all you’ve got… That’s your crowd number and you’re a million bucks down in revenue.”

But Tredders wasn’t buying Rowey’s analysis:

“I saw The Advertiser reported that Port Adelaide up and Adelaide are down from last year. You just can Port supporters all the time. You sound so pathetic.”