Travis Boak Opens Up About The Extreme Training Behind His Amazing Form

May 9, 2019


Port Adelaide veteran Travis Boak says his stunning form is the result of several factors -- including some extreme under water training.

Boaky has told the FIVEaa sports show:

“I’ve been training with a guy who does a lot of stuff with the surfers. What it is is training under pressure. When you’re underwater and you’re holding your breath you freak out more than anything because you think you’re going to drown.

“Basically it’s trying to stay calm under pressure and then coming up and you’re pretty fatigued and then doing different exercises while you’re under fatigue.... It’s helped me a lot.”

Boaky told Rowey and Bicks about an underwater session he did with Aussie surfing legend Mick Fanning.

“The first one was about 20 seconds and I was freaking out and he was basically falling asleep. After the fourth go I was under for about 1.45, nearly two minutes and I was nearly falling asleep as well.

“It was unbelievable… I came up fine. I wasn’t puffing or anything.”