There Is Now “Genuine Momentum” To Launch A New AFL Team

Nov 23, 2018


There is a real push to give Tasmania it’s own AFL team, reports Caroline Wilson.

Caro tipped off the FIVEaa sports show after covering a meeting of AFL CEOs.

“I think this is a developing story,” Caro said on Thursday. “I think that there is genuine momentum now for a standalone Tasmanian team.”

“The question was asked, what is the best solution, and Brendon Gale the Richmond chief executive said we just need to put a team in Tasmania. There was real discussion about that. He doesn’t think the decision should be financial. He believes that it should be a decision for the good of the game.

“Gillon McLachlan’s view is that when you go to Tasmania now no one talks about Hawthorn and North Melbourne, the only question now is when are we going to get our own team.

“People say, it’s very well to say that -- how do you execute it? Well, that’s what the AFL is good at. We didn’t think they could set up a national women’s league.

“I think Gillon McLachlan is getting calls from the premier of Tasmania on a fortnightly basis. I think they are starting to push. I’m not saying it’s going to happen in the next two years, but I now genuinely think there’s some momentum.”