There Is A Push To Get A Former Adelaide Crows Coach To The Gold Coast

Oct 4, 2019


A “big move” is on to get former Crows coach Neil Craig to the Gold Coast Suns to help support senior coach Stuart Dew, says Caroline Wilson.

Caro has told the FIVEaa sports show:

“I think the club all agrees and probably Stuart Dew agrees he needs some help. I don’t think the club is all that thrilled at the prospect of Brad Scott. Not because they don’t rate Brad Scott but because Brad Scott probably hasn’t yet got coaching out of his system.

“I can tell you there is a big move to get Neil Craig to the club in that role as a director of coaching role. There’s not a plan yet whether it’s going to be a fulltime or part-time role but if it was Neil Craig I think it would fulltime.

“He’s one they’re looking at. There’s a few others... some of them lesser known, but there are a couple of people at the club who really like the idea of Neil Craig.”