The One Question Mark Hanging Over Adelaide Crows Coach Matthew Nicks

Nov 26, 2019


Everyone was pretty upbeat about Matthew Nicks’ appointment as new Adelaide Crows coach when Graham Cornes joined the FIVEaa sports show on Monday… but Mark Bickley sounded one note of caution.


ROWEY: “I think they got a beauty there… from my association with him over the years and as an assistant I think they’ve got themselves a ripper. A perfect fit for that squad right now.”

CORNESY: “Chad worked with him and is just a big rap, there’s no doubt about it. He’s been a Port Adelaide as a senior assistant coach.

BICKS: “The only thing Jenny Williams would say -- she talks about when you get into the big chair and the stresses come everyone reacts differently. That would be the only question mark now -- he hasn’t coached his own team.”