The GOAT Defends Taylor Walker

May 30, 2019


One of the toughest Aussie Rules players to ever pull on a pair of boots has jumped to the defence of Taylor Walker after the Adelaide Crows captain was criticised for dodging contact during his club’s loss to West Coast last weekend.

Leigh Matthew told the FIVEaa sports show:

“That particular incident on Saturday… ok, the ball’s between him and another player. If he kept going through the line of the ball he just would’ve been tackled. Nothing would’ve happened. So he tried -- and he tried badly, admittedly -- he tried to pluck the ball out, spin away from the contest, to have a shot at goal.

“It’s bad technique and you could argue it’s a bad decision. If you’re a defender you couldn’t do that, but I reckon when you’re 40 metres from goal… I thought he was unfairly criticised for that particular action. I didn’t think that was embarrassing or something a captain shouldn’t do because he was a forward tyring to create.

“That’s what I would’ve done. I would’ve tried to pluck the ball and spin and he didn’t get hold of the ball… that’s where he can get criticised… but I didn’t see any of this as embarrassing, lack of courage, pulling out kind of stuff… I thought he was very unfairly maligned.

“The execution was poor. The thought wasn’t too bad.”