The Adelaide Crows Could Announce Their New Footy Boss Later Than First Thought

Nov 1, 2019


Adelaide Crows CEO Andrew Fagan says the club won’t be rushed into filling its vacant roles, including the crucial position of football manager.

Asked by Mark Bickley on the FIVEaa sports show whether an announcement could be expected late next week, Fagan said:

“I wouldn’t put a time frame on it. We just want to make the right decision and we’ll announce it then. The program’s set up until Christmas.

“Obviously we want someone in place as quickly as possible. It’s a big role and there’s plenty to do but equally we’re not going to rush to get someone in just for the sake of making a quick announcement.

“We want to go through a really thorough process and try and find the best person for the job…

“I’m very confident we’ll get someone we think is going to be great for us. There’s 18 of them [football managers] who are currently doing the job so you’re less likely to be looking at those people. You’re more likely to be looking at others without getting too specific about it.

“We’re really confident we’ll get someone who’s going to do a great job for us.”