The AFL Has A Massive Problem On Its Hands, Reports Caro Wilson

May 3, 2019


The issue of AFL umpiring has reached “crisis point” in the aftermath of the Anzac Day game in which fans were left furious over a number of contentious decisions, says Caroline Wilson.

Caro has told the FIVEaa sports show:

“The umpires were really upset. They’ve been upset since round two when Patrick Dangerfield tweeted about that below the knees decision in the Collingwood game.

“The umpires want the AFL to come out when there’s a contentious decision that is correct and they want them to stick up for the umpires…”

“The umpires, although they play this down now, they were furious [following Anzac Day]. They were absolutely filthy. They even put together some form of press release that never came out.

“What lies beneath this is that there just aren’t enough umpires coming through. It’s reached crisis point.

“The commission won’t budge on the bounce situation… the umpires say that’s stopping people from coming into umpiring. Umpires at state level, and I include women in that, have been poorly and shabbily treated up until very recently.

“If you ask the AFL privately they’ll admit they don’t think the umpiring’s been much good this year.”