Stephen Rowe Hits Out At Reporter’s Explosive Claims About Brad Crouch

Nov 14, 2019


Brad Crouch’s management has “absolutely hit that out of the park” after it was reported interstate that the Adelaide Crows star twice made a play to get to the Gold Coast Suns during the recent AFL trade period.

Stephen Rowe told the FIVEaa sports show on Wednesday:

“What’s wrong with Sam McClure? Every second article of his he’s potting the Crows. This is his quote yesterday: Brad Crouch and his management twice dropped his contract price to get to the Gold Coast. In his words, was ‘desperate to leave.’

“This is the quote from Sam McClure: ‘We know the Crows reigning BNF tried to leave for the AFL’s worst club not once but twice.’”

Rowey continued:

“I’ve spoken to his management. I’m yet to get a quote that I can use on air, this was off air -- it’s 100 per cent not true… they’ve absolutely hit that out of the park.

“I’m just waiting on his management to give me a quote on air, this was off air just getting the information.”