Stephen Rowe Clashes With AFL Boss Over How The Game Is Going

May 23, 2019


FIVEaa’s Stephen Rowe and AFL operations boss Steve Hocking have locked horns over the state of the game during what the AFL says is a “record” season.

Hocking told the FIVEaa sports show: “There’s 300+ attendances for the first nine rounds, which is a record. TV ratings are up significantly as well, so there’s a lot of people consuming the game, which is a great result.”

But Rowey wasn’t convinced:

“For me -- and I watch most games -- there’s more congestion, there’s lower scoring, skills by foot at times have been appalling. I see fatigued players like I’ve never seen them before… injuries are absolutely through the roof. We’ll get to umpiring but I think that’s been below par. In one word it’s been a frustrating season for me.”

HOCKING: “Has it? That’s interesting because that’s not what we’re seeing as far as all the attendees and people that are watching and so forth. I’m not sure about some of the callouts that you’ve made there.

“Games are alive for a lot longer so there’s less people turning off prior to half time… that’s the feedback we’re getting and it’s right across our KPIs.”