Rowey And Bicks Clash Over Adelaide FC’s Terrible List Ranking

Dec 6, 2019


FIVEaa sports show co-hosts Stephen Rowe and Mark Bickley are at odds after Champion Data predicted the Adelaide Crows will finish the 2020 season almost bottom of the ladder.

Rowey said on Thursday’s show:

“Wait for it -- Crows bottom four. 15th. Only Carlton, Fremantle and Gold Coast lower.

“I will bet anybody Crows don’t finish 15 or lower. I think Mathew Nicks will get a spike in performance. If McHenry and Fogarty and Jones, Gallucci, Hamill even put Himmelberg in there, if they can just improve -- and they will -- I think their best is seventh or eight but more realistically a middle of the road team…

“Between nine and twelve, but there’s no way they’re the fifteenth best team.

“They play 11 home games. They will get a response under Matthew Nicks.”

But Mark Bickley wasn’t so sure… “I don’t think you can say that,” he said.

“I’m not sure you can say that with any certainty because if Daniel Talia and Reilly O’Brien fall over in the first round that makes it very difficult for Adelaide.

“They’ve got a lot of kids they’ve got to expose and that’s got to be part of their plan.

“They’ll have a lot ups and downs. I’m thinking they’re winning between seven and 11 games next year.”