Rowey And Bicks Clash Big Time Over The League’s “AFLM” Statement

Feb 12, 2020


FIVEaa sports show hosts Stephen Rowe and Mark Bickley have fought on air after Rowey suggested a statement from the AFL saying there were “no plans” to change the name of the league was “open ended” and could still happen down the track.

The statement followed comments made by the AFL’s Steve Hocking that the league was “all ears” about suggestions to change the name of the men’s comp to AFLM.

BICKS: “That hits it on the head right there.”

ROWEY: “Not for me it doesn’t. I think there is no doubt whatsoever the powers that be and the boss Nicole Livingstone, she already even on our show refers to our AFL completion as the AFL men’s competition, so there is a want and will and a desire.”

BICKS: “Stop. Let me just read that out: ‘There are no plans to change the name of the AFL competition’ -Gil McLachlan. Pretty conclusive.”

ROWEY: “Yeah that’s ok, he can say that. I’m saying in my eyes, from what I hear, the vocabulary from the AFLW, the teams, the coaches, the players, Nicole Livingstone on our show, always refer to it as the AFL men’s. It hasn’t just popped from nowhere and appeared…

“No immediate plans, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to change.”

BICKS: “No, no, no -- stop. It’s not ‘no immediate plans’ it’s ‘no plans’ is what he said.”

ROWEY: “I still think that’s open ended and, if you know the AFL, to me that is open ended.”

BICKS: “That is the most unambiguous statement you can make: there are no plans.”

ROWEY: “Do you trust them?”

BICKS: “So now we’re saying that Gil’s a liar?”

ROWEY: “No I’m not saying that at all. I look at the history of the AFL and they’ve said no to a lot of things and it’s happened. I’m not saying I don’t trust him or he’s a liar or anything like that, so don’t go putting words in my mouth. That’s being ridiculous and you always go down that path.”