Report The Adelaide Crows Are Looking At A MASSIVE PLAY To Land Jack Lukosius

Nov 21, 2018


The Adelaide Crows are seriously considering a move that would see them hand over three first round draft picks in a bold bid to draft young SA weapon Jack Lukosius, reports Stephen Rowe.

Rowey spoke on the FIVEaa sports show about this week’s AFL Draft:

“There is movement at the station. We know this year you can live trade for picks on the day. Crows and Gold Coast doing a deal -- it’s a strong whisper gaining more momentum as we get closer. Real consideration from both clubs for this.

“Crows give picks 8 and 13 this year, their first rounder next year… for Gold Coast pick two so they can get -- and they are all in for -- Jack Lukosius

“It’s massive overs.

“[But] the closer the draft day gets the more as a Crows person I want Jack Lukosius… he’s aerobic, he’s versatile, great size, he’s still growing, skilful, got great footy IQ, he’s a competitor, can run like the wind… he is the real deal.

“He is the next Nick Riewoldt -- plays like him, looks like him, better kick, a lot of attributes. This is an unprecedented talented pool at the top end, certainly for south Australians.

“I think Crows supporters would be happy if pick two was there and then at the end of it Crows dangled: ‘We have Luko.’

“Lot of pressure on the kid but I reckon that’s where it’s heading. That is the mail and it is gaining massive, massive momentum.”