Report Port Adelaide Wouldn’t Let Mark Williams Into Rooms Before Boaky’s 250th

May 7, 2019


Port Adelaide premiership coach Mark Williams was blocked from visiting former protégé Travis Boak ahead of Boaky’s 250th AFL game last weekend, reports FIVEaa’s Stephen Rowe.

Rowey said during Monday’s FIVEaa sports show the former coach was denied entry to the club’s change rooms pre-game, but stressed he did not know the circumstances:

“I got a phone call today,” Rowey said. “Choco wanted to go down to the rooms before the game and he wanted to go in and shake Travis Boak’s hand… because he started his career, picked him, nurtured him, developed him. Port Adelaide wouldn’t let him in.”

GRAHAM CORNES: “They what?”

ROWEY: “They would not let him into the room.”

BICKS: “Was it a misunderstanding do you think?”

ROWEY: “I don’t know, Bicks. I tried to get hold of Choco. I think if you’re a premiership coach I think you do [get access]. He’s a great of the club.”

BICKS: “Because of the gambling stuff that goes on and not allowed to have phones, every person has to be vetted before and there’s a list generally… I’m just trying to think of a reason… if you’re not on that list you’re not allowed in the rooms.”

CORNESY: “Mark Williams doesn’t have to be on a list.”