Report Crows Players DO NOT Have Full Faith In Coach Don Pyke

Apr 17, 2019


Adelaide Crows players are disenchanted and have not regained the faith they had in coach Don Pyke in 2017 when the club made the AFL Grand Final, reports Caroline Wilson.

Caro has told the FIVEaa sports show:

“I don’t think the faith the players had in Don Pyke back in 2017 has been restored and I think there is still a degree of angst towards the head of football at the Adelaide Crows in Brett Burton.

“I’m not saying it’s not going to be fixed but there is a disenchantment at the moment and that is loud and clear, and it’s not something that I’m the only person who’s heard… it’s not just scuttlebutt. There’s just some disenchantment there.

“The players are feeling a bit disenchanted at the moment. They’re certainly playing that way.”

Caro said divisions that had hampered the club last year still persisted.

“I thought at the start of the season and over the pre-season that they had dealt with a lot of the issues that really cast a shadow over their season last year, but I’m not sure that they have.

“I think there is a degree of faith lost between coach and players at the moment.

“Stuff you hear from playing groups and player managers… it was obvious last year there was a breakdown in communication and trust and there was divisions.

“The club was adamant that they had fixed that… I think that some of the relationships still haven’t been completely fixed.

“I think the players are a little bit confused about where it is they should be heading and what direction they should be heading in. Big changes obviously made off field in the coaching department -- maybe that will settle down, maybe it won’t.”