Port Boss Talks About Ollie Wines’ Mental Wellbeing Following Latest Injury

Feb 5, 2020


Port Adelaide footy GM Chris Davies says it’s been a challenging time for Ollie Wines after the club’s vice captain did his second shoulder injury in consecutive pre-seasons.

Wines had surgery on his left shoulder this week after injuring it at training -- unrelated to the dislocation of his right shoulder, which interrupted part of his 2019 campaign.

Davies has told the FIVEaa sports show:

“It’s been a challenge. Having such a good pre-season to this point after a really disappointing year last year -- obviously from a team perspective but also individually to have to go through the injuries that he did to have this take place its disappointing.

“He’s gone through anger. He’s now at a point where having had the surgery he’s really looking forward now to hitting his rehab hard and coming back bigger and better.

“He’s a really professional type so he’s going to be pushing as quick as he can to get back.”