Port Adelaide Player Is On His “Last Chance”, Reports Caroline Wilson

Mar 8, 2019


No player is carrying more pressure heading into the 2019 AFL season than Jack Watts following a tumultuous off-season in which the Port Adelaide player was caught up in a controversial Oktoberfest video, says Caroline Wilson.

Caro has told the FIVEaa sports show that Watts’ future at the club is hanging by a thread.

“I think Ken Hinkley has been pretty frank and brutal with Jack Watts,” she said.

“He might be popular with the players but I think this is his last chance. I think the stuff that went on in the off-season has disgusted a lot of people. I think the AFL were very disappointed as well.

“I think its two strikes for Jack -- one more and that might be the end of him.

“I really hope that all the things he’s saying he’s going to do and all the work he has been doing over the off-season pays off.”