Port Adelaide Coach Tipped To Get The Top Job At North Melbourne

May 31, 2019


Port Adelaide assistant coach Michael Voss is a red-hot favourite to get the senior coaching job at North Melbourne, reports Caroline Wilson.

Caro has told the FIVEaa sports show:

“If I had to make a bet about who’s going to coach next year, I tell you what, Michael Voss is shortening by the day.

“Everyone’s talking about the former North players who’ve gone on to become premiership coaches and there are three at the moment. But there’s no way Adam Simpson will leave, there’s no way Alastair Clarkson, I believe, will go to North Melbourne, and john Longmire clearly wants to stay at Sydney…

Nathan Bassett talks about Port Adelaide’s coach’s box | FIVEaa

“Leigh Matthews was so strong in his endorsement of coaches being better the second time around. You just wonder if Michael Voss had taken the advice of Trevor Nisbett at West Coast when he was offered the Brisbane job… I reckon he would’ve been coaching Brisbane or Gold Coast by now.

“Maybe having to go back is going to be even better because I think going from a senior coach to an assistant coach would have been really difficult for him. It was probably difficult in that first year and he got a lot better at it by the time the second year rolled around.”