Port Adelaide CEO’s Tough Chat With Ken Hinkley On Captaincy Call

Feb 22, 2019


Port Adelaide CEO Keith Thomas says he told coach Ken Hinkley the club should not break with tradition and elect co-captains if it was a “50-50 call”.

KT has told the FIVEaa sports show:

“The final thing I said to Kenny was, mate, if this is a 50-50 call my sense of it is we shouldn’t do it because there is a significant impact, there’s going to be an impact on this and we value what our members think and feel about it.

“He came back and he said we hear that, we understand it, we respect it but emphatically for the football team right now, in this moment, this is clearly the best proposition for us.

“At that moment we backed it in and there was no doubt about it.”