Michelangelo Rucci Says He Was “Threatened” By The Crows After Injury Article

Mar 21, 2018


Michelangelo Rucci says the Adelaide football club has threatened his ability to report on the club after he penned a critical article for The Advertiser about injury misinformation.

Rucci criticised the club for failing to keep updated injury info on its website, which showed an injury list of zero.

“It is just not true,” Rucci wrote. “And at a time when the AFL players’ union and chairmen such as Chapman are putting themselves in glass houses, someone needs to call them out for the sake of the game -- and the fans.”

The article was written hours before shock news Brad Crouch could miss two months of footy, which Rucci said had even caught FIVEaa’s own “card-carrying Crows man” David Penberthy off guard.

“What’s going on with Brad Crouch?” Penbo asked on Wednesday. “How is that three days before the season starts the club suddenly out of the blue says, ‘oh by the way, Brad Crouch isn’t playing for possibly two months.’ Why aren’t they more upfront with the fans? That’s poorly handled by the Adelaide football club.”

But Rucci said he had been threatened by “gutless men” at Crows following his original article.

“I can only give you second-hand because unfortunately there’s a couple of gutless men down there. One who doesn’t answer messages and the other one who hasn’t got the courage to face me,” Rucci said on FIVEaa.

“I only hear of what’s happening around me, over my head, over my shoulders, though my back. They have issued threats… the Adelaide Football Club has issued threats.

“It’s a threat about the ability of me to do my work.”