Michelangelo Rucci Explains Controversial Tex Walker Comment

Sep 13, 2017


Michelangelo Rucci explains comments he made about Taylor Walker’s AFL Players award for best captain.

Some fans were a bit miffed when Rucci said Tex’s win -- his second in a row -- was no longer a “sympathy vote”.

“[Last year] everyone was admiring of what happened at Adelaide and how they held it together,” Rucci told FIVEaa on Wednesday.

“That’s what captain’s do -- they hold teams together in adversity.

“They acknowledged him last year for what he had done in holding together a group. And this year you can have a look at what he’s done on the field and again off the field -- particularly what happened in April when he untied two football clubs, what’s the issue?

“Why didn’t they get their nose out of joint when I said it three times last year. I don’t have to explain that again, do I…

“Is everyone just getting so sensitive?”