Mark Bickley’s Warning After Adelaide Crows Decided Against A Senior Assistant

Nov 15, 2019


Adelaide Crows premiership captain and FIVEaa’s Mark Bickley says he hopes Matthew Nicks isn’t “spreading himself too thinly” after the club decided not to appoint a senior assistant coach for next season.

Bicks told the FIVEaa sports show:

“I don’t mind that they don’t have a senior assistant… clearly they haven’t found the right person and he [Nicks] basically said in the future if we need it we’ll get one if the right person comes along.

“The only thing I would say: you’re still a man down. Scott Camporeale went as a senior assistant. I would hope they’re going to replace Scott with another coach.

“A first year coach has to build relationships with all the players. He’s got 40-something players he has to build relationships with. So he is spending a lot of time getting to know those players and spending one-on-one time.

“If you’re a man down because you haven’t replaced Scott Camporeale I just hope he’s not spreading himself too thinly.”