Mark Bickley’s SUPER FROSTY Exchange With Grant Thomas Over Drugs In AFL

Feb 21, 2019


FIVEaa’s Mark Bickley has gone head-to-head with Grant Thomas after the former St Kilda coach claimed “at least 50 per cent” of players use illicit drugs at least semi-regularly.

When Thomas joined the FIVEaa sports show he was adamant he had never “referred to occurrence at all” and preferred instead to press Bicks on what he thought the figure was.

“You reckon less than 10 per cent of AFL players have taken cocaine?” Thomas said.

“I didn’t say regular users or semi-regular users at all. I never referred to occurrence at all… What are you talking about? I didn’t say that at all so get your facts straight.

“I can only argue with intelligent people and the person that says to me that 10 per cent of players in the AFL take cocaine -- I think you’re on it yourself. I can’t believe that you would say 10 per cent.

“Are you for real?”

But here’s the twist. Bicks later found Grant’s comments (replayed at 29:49 in the first audio clip below) and they went like this:

“I am saying that at least -- at least -- 50 per cent of players have had and are involved in serious illicit drugs, recreational drugs, on a regular to semi-regular basis. At least 50 per cent.”

BICKS: “My argument was based on what he said on his podcast. I was pretty certain that he said up to 50 per cent or more than 50 per cent of current players took illicit drugs either regularly or semi regularly…

“Apologies if you had to sit through that and you were scratching your head.”

ROWEY: “I was.”

LISTEN back to the full fiery Grant Thomas interview here: