Mark Bickley’s Honest Response To Stuart O’Grady’s TDU Appointment

Dec 4, 2019


The FIVEaa sport show’s Mark Bickley says the fact Stuart O’Grady never failed a doping test does not excuse the former cyclist after he admitted in 2013 to taking EPO in 1998.

Co-host Stephen Rowe said on Tuesday he was “100 per cent” comfortable after it was announced O’Grady would shadow Mike Turtur for the 2020 Tour Down Under event before becoming outright race director in 2021.

“Six-time Olympian, never tested positive,” Rowey said. “It was in his second or third year in 1998 before a Tour de France. Everyone in the peloton had EPO so I’m comfortable with it 100 per cent. He made a poor decision as a young pup.”

Bicks added:

“I don’t think it excuses him the fact that he never tested positive. He was picked up a couple of years later, they asked him the question, he admitted it… he rued the fact that he did it.”


Earlier O’Grady told The Advertiser he had “learned from my mistake”.

“Cycling at that time was a very different era to be in,” he said.

“It was a very bad judgment on my behalf, but what I have learned from then, I think I was only a pro for a few years before then.

“For the next 16 years I led by example and there’s a reason why my career went for 19 years…

“I think globally every sport, it’s a lot better than what it was 20 years ago, there’s more information.

“There’s better coaches, there’s better people around you, there’s better support if you’re in a hard spot.

“None of that was available 20-odd years ago.

“So, it’s fantastic the sport has got better and better each year and the supporters and people can see that.”