Mark Bickley Puts Up A Former Crows Name For AFL Coaching Job

Jun 7, 2019


FIVEaa’s Mark Bickley says Adelaide FC’s former head of footy David Noble will get “looked at very closely” as rival clubs begin scouting for a new senior coach.

Bicks told the FIVEaa sports show:

“What about someone like David Noble. People like Chris Fagan have done really well at Brisbane. Chris Fagan was pretty much doing the same job at Hawthorn as what David Noble is doing at Brisbane right now.

“People may not know, David Noble coached Glenelg for a number of years, he coached in Tasmania, he was a long time assistant in Adelaide. He has got a very long coaching pedigree. He now has a management pedigree.

“I feel like the more senior experience guys who know footy clubs, they know how it works and are clam, they’re not learning on the job like potentially a new coach. I think that is something will get looked at very closely.”