Mark Bickley Pulls Apart Ken Hinkley’s Warning To The Rest Of The AFL

Feb 13, 2020


Mark Bickley says Port Adelaide coach Ken Hinkley’s “look out, we’re coming” comments mean nothing and indicate a “marketing department in overdrive”.

Hinkley appeared to put the league on notice in a media appearance on Wednesday when he said:

“I love this club and I love the history of this club and this club's history is premierships.

“So that's what we're starting out to try and do. We're going to start this year wanting to win the premiership in our 150th year.

“We're going to do everything we can to do that. To do that, you have to qualify for finals, so look out, we're coming.”

Bicks told the FIVEaa sports show comments made by the senior coach in February were “immaterial”.

“It’s marketing, that’s all it is. I don’t think this is going to define anything. I don’t think it means anything… actions are what everyone wants to see from every club… He’s under pressure already at the start of the year because he hasn’t had the record and the results that he wants. I don’t think this makes any difference…

“He has to be positive… like every club they’re trying to attract eyeballs and memberships and all that. They’ve got to keep churning out content so that people are engaged… I think the marketing department in the 150th year is in overdrive.”

Meanwhile co-host Stephen Rowe said he loved Hinkley’s “all or nothing statement”.

“I like it. It’s put him in the gun, but I like it. No finals the last two years, haven’t won a final since 2014, Ken knows it’s all or nothing this year.

“It’s a top eight or busta-rola-bunta: you’re gone-ski. His contract says that.

“I love it.”