Mark Bickley On Why The Adelaide Crows Are Ignoring Taylor Walker

Apr 9, 2019


Mark Bickley has floated a possible theory why the Adelaide Crows continue to snub the leads of club co-captain Taylor Walker.

Graham Cornes raised the topic during his Monday segment on the FIVEaa sports show.

“Wayne Carey mentioned that the Adelaide players were ignoring Taylor Walker’s leads,” Cornesy said. “But the key forward has to command. He’s got to time his lead… I’m not sure Taylor was doing that. Do you think they were ignoring his lead?”


“The only thing I can think of is because Adelaide has played numbers behind the ball for the last three or four years, they’ve become used to this overlap run and kicking to uncontested players.

“They’re not used to looking up, seeing a one-on-one and saying, yep, I’ll take that… they’re looking for a bloke on their own all the time and it’s just not going to be there.”