Mark Bickley Left Scratching His Head Over Taylor Walker Move

Mar 10, 2020


Adelaide Crows premiership captain and FIVEaa’s Mark Bickley was astonished when Taylor Walker was thrown into the ruck during the club’s pre-season game against Gold Coast on Friday.

Bicks said during the FIVEaa call:

“If Walker cops a knee in the throat or the chest or the ribs he’s not a ruckman and he hasn’t done much ruck work. Why would you risk your most potent forward in a position that he knows very little about?”

Bicks later acknowledged it was AFC’s last chance to try out the left-field move:

“They’ve only got one more opportunity to trial it and this was today, so they have a look at it. It’s no good getting to round five and saying should we trial it because it’s too important by that stage.”