Mark Bickley And Caroline Wilson CLASH Over The Captaincy Of The Adelaide Crows

Sep 14, 2018


Caroline Wilson says there is a “question mark” over Taylor Walker’s captaincy of the Adelaide Crows, but Mark Bickley isn’t buying it.

“Will there be captaincy changers in Adelaide?” Caro asked on FIVEaa. “I reckon there will.”

“I don’t know what the players are thinking, but I certainly think there would be some question mark over Taylor -- just some, not saying he’s going to lose the captaincy.

“I think he’s very good in certain ways, but I did hear a bit of negative stuff towards the end of the season about Taylor’s captaincy.”

But Bicks isn’t so sure...

“You’re forecasting that along way out and yet I still think the players vote on it and have a very big say in who the captain is, so how could you potentially know what the players are thinking?” Bicks said.

“I speak to players and every time I speak to them they rave of Taylor Walker’s leadership. I speak to people inside the club and they rave of how good he is.

“I have heard nothing but positive.”