Leigh Matthews Tips The Next Big Coaching Trend In The AFL

Jun 6, 2019


Aussie Rules great Leigh Matthews says “second time coaches” aged in their 40s -- like Port Adelaide assistant Michael Voss -- are about to become the preferred option for clubs looking for new senior coaches.

Leigh has told the FIVEaa sports show:

“I think the Chris Fagan influence is also in the mind of clubs now. I think they’re looking at Chris Fagan and saying, here’s a 55-year-old man… his coaching relationship to me is like a friendly uncle, that’s his relationship with his players… an older figure, clearly, but getting great results.

“I think when clubs are looking at coaches now I reckon the coach who’s just come out of playing in his 30s is just not even going to be thought of and I think rightly.

“More mature men coaching in their 40s or even on I think is going to be the model that clubs are likely to go with, which is why second time coaches… Michael Voss, Brett Ratten, Brad Scott... the coaches who are experienced and probably in to their forties, I reckon they’re on the radar again a little bit when they’ve been overlooked for the last generation or so.”