Leigh Matthews Slams “DUMB” AFL Footballers

Mar 14, 2019


Aussie Rules great Leigh Matthews says it will be a “very dumb” player who gives away a 100m penalty following changes to the league’s 50m penalty rules.

Lethal told FIVEaa after watching four players in the same game get it wrong:

“I thought to myself, sh*t, players don’t listen that well in these pre-season umpire briefings.

“I had a pretty fair idea of it. Effectively once you get a 50m penalty there’s a clear corridor until 50m down the field…

“I just think it will be a very dumb player and a very dumb team that gives away a 100m penalty.

“When I was coaching I had a about a 30 minute time clock. After 30 minutes the players lost concentration. I’ve also seen when the umpires come in pre-season to say these are the slight alterations… and this summer there was a number, but I guarantee you half the players would be half asleep in those umpires briefings.

“If they’re stupid enough to be half asleep -- seriously, would any player in the completion now not know the rules?”