Latest On The Port Adelaide Player At The Centre Of The Sexting Scandal

Nov 16, 2018


The Port player engulfed in a sexting scandal last month will not be named by the club or the AFL, and while the “case is closed”, there is a view the player concerned has received “serious level of punishment”, reports Caroline Wilson.

“The management of Port have some pretty strong views about some of the text messages,” Caro has told FIVEaa. “Their view is that any sanction is going to remain private, all conversations will remain private and all conversations that are going to be had -- according to my information -- have taken place and the case is closed.”

“He won’t be named by Port Adelaide and he won’t be named by the AFL. What I’ve been told is that any punishment or sanctions will remain private.

“The pragmatic view is that there’s probably been a fairly serious level of punishment already to the player concerned. A lot of people know who he is, his reputation has been significantly diminished.

“Whether he will ever regain the respect from a lot people including maybe some of his teammates and his coaches etc. remains to be seen.

“The AFL doesn’t see any grounds to further investigate the player. There’s nothing that can probably really be proved.

“There is some level of discomfort I think at headquarters level about the manner in which this story became public, the sending out of the text messages, and the view of the woman who was once the partner of this said Port Adelaide player.”