Jake Lever’s Management Says No More Appearances On FIVEaa

Aug 21, 2017


FIVEaa’s Stephen Rowe revealed on Monday that weekly guest Jake Lever won’t return to the show for the rest of the year.

“Jake Lever’s management has pulled him for the rest of the year,” Rowey told listeners. “He won’t come in, he’s not going to speak to the media until the end of the year.”

“I think it’s the right call for the club, it’s the right call for Jake Lever… so we respect his management’s decision -- as disappointing as it is personally for the FIVEaa listeners. But what do you reckon that means? I’m going to spell it -- G. O. N. E.”

Co-host Mark Bickely said the decision could only be two things.

“One… he’s gone… Or it could just be: ‘It’s playing on my mind, I’m going put this off until the end of the year.’ History would point to the former.”