It’s Time To Think About Taking The Boxing Day Test Off The MCG

Dec 10, 2019


The MCG no longer deserves first dibs on the Boxing Day test following five years of “woeful” cricket, says FIVEaa’s Stephen Rowe.

There have been calls to offer the iconic test fixture to other Aussie grounds after a shield game at the G was abandoned over the weekend because the pitch was unsafe.

Rowey said during Monday’s FIVEaa sports show:

“The last five years they’ve had a benign flat track -- it’s been a joke. Cricket’s been woeful there and they shouldn’t get an automatic first choice for that Boxing Day test…

“That was a joke on the weekend.”

Meanwhile cricketer writer Robert Craddock said the MCG had been “a protected species for too long”.

“In an age where several states have splurged hundreds and millions of dollars to stay on pace in the race to host Test matches, how unfair is it that the ground with the worst Test deck in the country gets the plum date of every summer?” he wrote for News Ltd.

“It won’t change but it should.”