Hamish Hartlett Talks About The Possibility Of No Ken Hinkley Next Year

Aug 21, 2019


Port Adelaide star Hamish Hartlett says it would “really hurt” the players if coach Ken Hinkley wasn’t at the club for PAFC’s 150th anniversary season next year.

Hammer has told the FIVEaa sports show:

“It’s a huge year for the footy club next year and it would really, really hurt us as a playing group if Kenny wasn’t a part of that, but unfortunately that’s out of our control.

“The resilience that he’s shown around the place has been unbelievable. He comes in every week. He’s getting smashed form pillar to post by media, by fans and supporters, and he rocks in every week and he’s got as big a smile on his face as he can possibly produce.

“Win or loss he’s all about caring for the team, keeping us together and united as a group. He said, look boys, whether we win or lose on the weekend doesn’t define us as people. We want to make sure we stick together, we want make sure we’re great people off the field. He’s been phenomenal. It is difficult.

“We understand that our people want to see results on field. The history that we’ve got in the past is very, very difficult to live up to these days but we understand that they’re really high standards.”