Graham Cornes UNLOADS On The Current Crop Of Aussie Cricketers

Nov 27, 2018


Graham Cornes says natural Aussie aggression has been “eroded” from the nation’s cricket team… and he doesn’t like it.

“We’ve got to get nastier,” Cornesy told FIVEaa. “We’ve been suppressed.”

“All our natural, Australian, masculine, testosterone, aggression has been eroded. I don’t like it.

“I never liked really ugly Australia because we like to have a fair go, we like to be good sports, but give me an angrier, nastier, cricketer than what we’re getting at the moment.

“It’s cyclical. We will come again… Justin Langer will get it together. I’ve got a great deal of faith in him, but at the moment they’re just not aggressive enough and their performances don’t allow them to be aggressive.”