Graham Cornes Rates The Adelaide Crows Drafting This Year

Dec 3, 2019


Graham Cornes says he was “really disappointed” more young South Australians were not drafted by the Adelaide Crows this year.

Cornesy has told the FIVEaa sports show:

“I just think they’re too professional in their recruiting.

“You cannot tell me that there’s eight players from one under 18 team in Victoria better than some of our under 18 players here when our under 18 team here is so competitive… and we can’t get enough kids drafted out of it. I was really disappointed that we didn’t have more South Australians in either team.

“I thought we [the Crows] wanted pace and penetration through the midfield… I didn’t think we needed a tall defender. I didn’t think we needed one… you’ve got to pick to your needs surely… you had draft pick number four and the ones that make a real difference to your team are midfielders.

“We don’t know, they know, they’ve got a good handle on it, but you ask me my reaction: I was disappointed.”