Graham Cornes Opens Up On Former Crow’s Camp Comments

Oct 9, 2019


Graham Cornes says Cam Ellis-Yolmen’s claims that Adelaide’s notorious pre-season camp ‘eroded the culture’ demands that the club throw ‘secrecy and confidentiality out the window’ and finally come clean about exactly what happened.

Cornesy has told the FIVEaa sports show:

“Cam Ellis-Yolmen -- I’m trying to work out the motivation. Was it somebody who’s not used to doing a lot of media, has a microphone thrust in front of him and answers questions as honestly as he thinks he should and it comes out slightly the wrong way?

“He talks about division in the club… said it prevented us playing our best football… he goes back to the camp. ‘Eroded the culture’ whatever that means…

“We’ve all spoken to people. What do we know actually happened on the camp from good authority?

“Amongst the senior players their confidence was breached in the sense the conveners of the camp wanted to be able to tear them down psychologically so they can build them up and increase their resilience.

“To do that they asked about what were things about their past or their parents’ past that would hurt the player… then the plan is to build you up so you increase the resilience.

“But the problem was the players felt they had been betrayed because the information they were given could’ve only come from either coaches, assistant coaches or teammates… that upset a couple of players. Two specifically were upset…

“It’s time for all this secrecy and confidentiality to be thrown out the window because what more damage can be done? I just want to get it out there… the AFL investigated, the club investigated, and there was nothing to see there.

“Well, if there’s nothing to see here, tell us… you don’t have to name names.”