Graham Cornes On Why It Took Fogarty So Long To Play His First Game This Year

Aug 13, 2019


Former Adelaide Crows coach Graham Cornes says promising youngster Darcy Fogarty may have got “ahead of himself” and had to learn “a little bit of humility” before playing his first game of the year in a break out performance against West Coast last weekend.

Cornesy told the FIVEaa sports show:

“Everyone’s saying he should have been there before. From the moment we saw him play you could sense he was a player who had ability. [But] he’s never put his selection beyond doubt.

“All these people are saying he should have been playing ages ago. Maybe you’re right, but at the same time you still have to earn your spot and you’ve got to put your selection beyond doubt.

“Maybe he was a young man that got too much too quickly. Did he get ahead of himself at certain times? That’s one of the suggestions, and maybe he has to go back and fight for it a bit harder and have a little bit of humility about him.

“He’s done that. He looked the part… he now has to play and they’ve got to give him service.”