Graham Cornes On How To Stamp Out Racism In AFL

Feb 26, 2019


Graham Cornes says “there has to be a better way” as racial vilification continues despite the current trend of calling it out.

This week the footy world has rallied around Eddie Betts after he shared a racial slur directed at him on social media last weekend.

“Everyone’s descended on it,” Cornesy told FIVEaa. “There’s been outrage and it’s been a massive story. Does it help to solve the issue or does it throw petrol on the fire?”

“Some people love that notoriety… some people write absolutely vile things with absolute impunity. Being in the public eye you do cop a little bit of it.

“I think ignoring it is almost as good as trying to call it out, because calling it out -- we’re much more aware of it and I don’t know whether it’s as prevalent now as it was once before -- but calling it out hasn’t seemed to work.”

MARK BICKLEY: “What if we took this approach to people yelling abuse over the fence and just, oh well, ignore it. By calling people out by making them accountable that’s what stops it. And it educates people.”

CORNESY: “There has to be a better way.”