Graham Cornes Hints It Could Be A Tough Year Ahead For Crows Fans

Dec 12, 2017


Graham Cornes

Graham Cornes had a look back at the 2017 AFL season and picked out what he thinks was the biggest story for each local club.

“In terms of the news cycle and the ramifications, the fallout -- the Crows losing the grand final I think is the biggest story,” Cornesy said.

“In terms of what it means, the ridicule that they’ve faced subsequently and probably going to face -- there’s going to be little jibes and digs.”

And for Port Adelaide?

“I think it was Kochie’s spray, in terms of the ramifications of it. I felt a bit sorry for Kochie. He was talking to a group of supporters after a bitterly disappointing loss and probably didn’t expect it to be published.”

But not everyone agreed -- including his own son Kane.