Graham Cornes Has Plenty To Say About Port And The Crows In The SANFL

Sep 10, 2019


Graham Cornes says the SANFL competition is “compromised” as the prospect of a Port vs. Crows Grand Final looms large in the local league.

Adelaide will play Glenelg this Sunday for a chance to take on Port in the Grand Final after Port defeated Glenelg last weekend.

Cornesy has told the FIVEaa sports show:

“The game [Glenelg vs. Port] went on and I’m getting angrier and angrier. The folly of having AFL professionally-listed players in the SANFL competition…

“It’s not right. I don’t know what the answer is. I think now I prefer the old system where they were farmed out to the local clubs. At least the integrity of the completion was maintained…

“If the AFL isn’t going to put a national reserves completion in place, we’ve got to get the best result for us, surely. We cannot have the integrity of the SANFL compromised so often…

“Our competition is compromised, there’s no doubt about it. It’s infuriating to see.”