Graham Cornes Comes Out Swinging After Port Adelaide Allegations

Mar 13, 2019


PAFC claims made on Tuesday that the Adelaide Oval’s Stadium Management Authority sabotaged the club’s game day village are “absolute rubbish”, says Graham Cornesy.

“[SMA CEO] Andrew Daniels has absolutely refuted, he couldn’t be any stronger in his repudiation,” Cornesy told the FIVEaa sports show.

“[Port CEO Keith Thomas] said the SMA objected to them having it and stood in the way and objected to Port Adelaide having a license. That is absolute rubbish…

“All I can imagine is that he’s been misinformed.

“There’s material evidence to suggest otherwise… for the last two years the SMA ran Port Adelaide’s game day village… in fact they were told by Port Adelaide just a couple of weeks ago that the game day village wasn’t a priority. They weren’t making any money out of it but they did it as a convenience for supporters…

“The SMA cannot win when you’ve got such bias and a fixed mentality. I just want to reiterate that the allegations made today that the SMA stood in the way of Port Adelaide getting a license for and running the game day are completely wrong.

“We’ve got open warfare if they’re not careful… before we know it Port Adelaide fans are going to be saying we’re not going to go there because the SMA gets all the money.

“The SMA can’t win here. Who are the footy fans going to support? You’ll believe your club.”