Don Pyke Gives The Latest On Talks With Off Contract Adelaide Crows

Jun 28, 2019


Adelaide Crows coach Don Pyke has revealed the club is in discussions with out-of-contract players Alex Keath, Reilly O’Brien and Hugh Greenwood, who he says are “all required players”.

Pyke has told the FIVEaa sports show:

“Clearly we’re engaged with those guys and in discussions with them trying to come to some arrangement. All required players, so hopefully we can keep those moving forward and get something done.

“We’ve got some guys on our list that we want to be able to resign…

“Our club’s priority is firstly trying to recontract the guys that we value, that we think are going to have great careers for us, and keep them on board the list.

“Then we’ll assess the list and the needs of the list and what we think we need to add from there.”

This week the club announced new deals for Lachlan Murphy as well as Ben Davis and Jordon Butts.