Crows Fans In For Some BIG SURPRISES Thanks To Optus Deal

Feb 7, 2019


Adelaide FC chairman Rob Chapman has hinted there will be some wow-factor bonuses for Crows fans after the club signed a sponsorship deal with telco giant Optus.

“There’s a lot to negotiate in this whole thing but we wouldn’t be standing here today and announcing it today if we hadn’t walked through a lot of the issues with all parties concerned,” Chapman has told the FIVEaa sports show.

“I think we we’ll start to seriously now sit down with Optus. We had a very quick lunch with their executive today, and Andrew Fagan and his team and, wow, some of the ideas that Optus came up with to enhance the member experience I was wowed by.

“I’m not going to steal their thunder but this was just over lunch. I said, let’s spend an afternoon doing this.

“That’s the other advantage of getting people like this with global experience who go to the Super Bowl, who go to the EPL, who sit through NBA games -- and we can benefit from this.

“And who’s going to benefit the most? Our fans and supporters and members.”