Cornesy Weighs In On Mark Robinson’s “Attack” On AFLW Star

Feb 25, 2020


Graham Cornes says it was “ungentlemanly” for Mark Robinson to write an article taking aim at Richmond captain Katie Brennan.

Brennan was a “poster girl” in the early days of AFLW but now “her reputation does not match her performance”, Robbo wrote in the Herald Sun.

Cornesy has told the FIVEaa sports show:

“Mark Robinson has written a really scathing article about her form and about the way she carried on when she tried to bump an injured player who came back on. Now the question is being asked: should the AFLW players who are semi-professional, should they be subjected to the same sort of criticism as the AFL players?

“It was too harsh. I didn’t feel comfortable. It was almost ungentlemanly to me. I know that’s the wrong attitude and maybe the girls will be insulted by that but it seemed an ungentlemanly thing to do because it was very harsh criticism…

“There’s ways of criticising without being as personal as he was. I thought he was too personal.”

Meanwhile FIVEaa sports show host Stephen Rowe didn’t see a problem: “It was harsh but it was fair and it was right. They’re on the big dancefloor, Stud, and they want it.”