Cornesy Says Adelaide Needs To Address The Talk About Taylor Walker

Apr 17, 2018


Graham Cornes says the off-field chat in football circles about Taylor Walker’s leadership is about to reach a “crescendo”.

“The elephant in the room is Taylor Walker’s on-field leadership,” Cornesy has told FIVEaa. “You cannot escape it. When the chatter is so loud that you can’t ignore it, you have to address it.”

“There’s too many examples of him going missing and too many example of him not imposing a physical presence when he can do that. I don’t know what his coaches are telling him, whether they’re backing off, I don’t know whether the club’s ultra defensive about it, but you cannot ignore it.

“When the majority of football people are identifying this as an issue, the club can’t ignore it.

“This happens too often and it’s a common theme. The chatter out there is getting almost to a crescendo.”

Cornesy said the fact Walker had been voted by his peers as the best captain in the league two years in a row was a “puzzle to most people who observe him play footy” -- but FIVEaa sports show co-host Mark Bickley was having none of it.

“He was really poor on the weekend, but he has not had any preparation whatsoever,” Bicks said. “He was in a moonboot for seven weeks, he comes straight back in after having one training session. What are we expecting -- That he’s going to pick up and be the best player in the competition?”

“It’s easy to single out Taylor when the leadership now is more about a group than it’s ever been.

“He carries the burden on the poor performances but doesn’t always get the pats on the back when they’re great performances.”