Cornesy Reckons The $275,000 Grant For The Adelaide Crows Should Go Elsewhere

Dec 4, 2018


Graham Cornes says the $275,000 the state government is giving to the Adelaide Crows AFLW team should go to the Adelaide Lightning instead.

“I nearly choked on my Corn Flakes this morning. The state government $275,000 grant to the Crows -- that’s like giving foreign aid to the US. They don’t need it.

“And when we’ve just had the Adelaide Lightning in all sorts of trouble. The money would be much better spent, much more appreciated and they deserve it.

“They’re a state icon, they’re not a minor sport… they’ve done great things for the state. They’ve struggled in recent years but it’s a measly amount of money for a state government to allocate to a good cause.

“The state government has to look it. You can’t shake your head and say you’re worried about a precedent here. Tell me an organisation that’s done as much for the state in terms of establishing a record and a culture.”